Meet our dedicated and diverse therapists with years of experience and success.


Bonnie Berg LCSW

Bonnie graduated from


“Healthy relationships are the building blocks of mental and physical well-being.”

The relationship we have with our many selves is among the most important - and trickiest - of all. In our work, we will explore who you are, how you got that way, and what you might want to about it. My hope is that you will come to celebrate the miracle of who you are, and leave behind the detritus of old judgements, traumas, and resulting distorted thinking.

I also believe that our brain chemistry (both from nature and nurture) plays a large role in emotional and physical health. We will look at how that might be affecting your well-being.

I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over 35 years. I use many modalities; however, my strongest ( and favorite) is EMDR. I am a Certified EMDR Therapist and have found this to be a successful protocol for helping people come to terms with, and grow from, traumatic events.

My style is highly interactive, caring, and eclectic.

I look forward to walking with you on your path.



Leah Hass CSWA

Leah graduated from Portland State University with a Master of Social Work in Clinical Social Work, she holds a BA in


My approach to therapy is collaborative, creative, and compassionate. My goal is to create a safe and warm space so each client feels comfortable sharing what's on their mind and in their heart. This may include diving into trauma, grief, and other challenging life experiences that prevent a person from feeling at peace and operating at their highest potential. The philosophy that guides my work is that everyone has the inner wisdom needed to thrive. My role is to help clients access this inner wisdom so they can heal, grow and live the fulfilling life they are seeking.

I use a strengths-based, trauma informed, LGBTQ inclusive, sex positive, and client centered approach. I incorporate body-centered psychotherapy and mindfulness into my practice because emotions and trauma can affect the entire body. I also teach Dialectical Behavioral Therapy coping skills.

With almost 10 years of experience in the field of sexuality education and a passion for sex therapy, I specialize in supporting clients address intimacy, healthy relationships, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual trauma, and sexually transmitted infection stigma. I love working with preteens, teens, adults, and LGBTQ identified individuals.


Demie Shiferaw CSWA

Demie graduated from Portland State University with a Master of Social Work in Clinical Social Work. She holds a BA in Family and Human Service + International Studies from the University of Oregon.


I am passionate about creating inner awareness based on narrative expression with the purpose of healing, self-acceptance, self-growth, self-love, and paths to encourage healthy habits. I believe in establishing openness, trust, and acceptance as the foundation of all therapeutic interaction. I also believe that each individual holds distinctive dignity and worth. I will provide you with a safe, confidential, and affirming environment in which you can explore your story, consider what is significant to you, and encourage you to utilize your own personal strengths.

My experience stems primarily from serving children, youth, young adults, men and women. I focus on listening, understanding, affirming, and inviting self-exploration while providing meaningful information and opportunities for growth. I have had the honor to engage people of different circumstances, ages, cultures, sexual orientation and faiths.

I have a friendly approach to therapy in a way that is inviting and encourages integrating your values while working on behavioral changes. I look forward to being part of your healing journey.